Shelley Socolofsky is an interdisciplinary artist based in installation and fiber. Her work explores the intersection of image, pattern, folklore, and archeology, elements used as platforms to examine and challenge expansionist narratives, replacing them with speculative landscapes.

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Like the Medieval weaver, Shelley Socolofsky is a nomad at heart, having called many landscapes, from the shifting coastlines of Crete and California – to the cobbled, lavender Languedoc fields, home. Fueled by the sensations of touch and light, Shelley apprenticed with master Gobelins weavers in Uzes and Paris, France, and at Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio in Florence, Italy, before earning an MFA in 2008. Shelley lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Currently on the faculty at Portland State University in the Art + Practice program, Socolofsky also mentors and fosters the self actualization of youth through the arts through her inspired teaching as a Dual Credit faculty member at Portland Community College in collaboration with Tigard High School where she is the Visual Arts International Baccalaureate faculty, advisor, and teacher.

Shelley has exhibited, taught, and lectured about her studio work at venues including Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), The Civita Institute (Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy), Otis Art Institute (of Parsons School of Design/ Los Angeles, CA), The Museum of Contemporary Crafts (Portland, OR), Craft Alliance (Saint Louis, MO) and the de Young Museum (San Francisco, CA). Her work has been featured in American Craft Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, Artist Magazine of Taiwan, FiberArts Magazine, and ITNET publications.


My work

spans multiple decades


the relationship between

our embodied experience and the hyperspectral

through investigations into soft and hard sciences,

local lore,

archeological, geomorphological,

and evolutionary pluralities spanning time and place.

my practice is multi-dimensional

mathematical and sacred in geometry and ritual

using strategies of weaving, collage, bricolage; a joining, a combine, an interlacement, an overlap

creating a merging of spaces to produce

a creation of a third space:

a door leading to another realm and

by extension

a different way of being

creating new dialogue and speculative terrain for sustainable living and ancestral futures