Analog Wovens

Trade Blanket
Handwoven and pieced, wool, cotton, horsehair, human hair, silk handkerchiefs, thread, cotton trim (8’ x 7.5’)

TB (detail)

Stars & Stripes
Handwoven wool and cotton, Mexican serape, ink, wax, print on board

Color Bodies
Handwoven linen, wool, silk mounted on linen/ (45” x 55”) unmounted
Collection of AC Hotel, Portland, Oregon
Commissioned by Arthouse, LLC and Heidi McBride & Company for AC Hotel/Mortenson
Info: approved and referencing The Portland Mercury Vol 15, No 25, November, 2014 cover art, crumpled and duplicated.
Installation: Entry level floor overlooking the bar AC Hotel Portland

Color Bodies weave in progress

Paper Towel
Handwoven linen, wool, cotton, horsehair, correction fluid (66” x 89”)(info: a mass produced throw away item reimagined as a one-of-a-kind luxury object)

Paper Towel (detail)

handwoven wool, cotton, silk, reflective glass thread, deconstructed woman’s sari, child’s Disney sleeping bag, scarves, silk stained with onion skins and berries, mason twine, survivalist’s twine, nylon rope, Kevlar, glass beads, trim. (112 x 94 x 1.5”)

Concubine (detail)

Concubine (reverse side)

Handwoven wool, silk, cotton (7’ x 3.5’)
Collection of the Valley Public Library, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Info: installation: Oregon State University Valley Library, Archives & Collections Room; 5th floor

Crease (detail)

PleatHandwoven wool, silk, cotton (7’ x 3.5’)
Collection of Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon
Info: Installation: Chemeketa College Library, Main Lobby Desk

Handwoven wool, cotton, rayon (13.5’ x 5’)
Collection of the Hamersly Library, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OregonCommissioned by Oregon Arts Commission % for Pubic Art program
Info: installation: Western Oregon University Hamersly Library. Main Floor Stairway

Soliloquy (install 2)