Like Writings on an Almond

“Have you recited incantations or had them recited to you? Have you written on an almond, a host, or any other things, words intended to protect against fever and worms? Have you crafted or had crafted amulets or talismans smacking of superstition, either by their words, or by their signs, or by the materials from which they are made? If they smack of superstition, they must be burned and whoever refuses to do so shall not be absolved because they are committing a mortal sin.” Anthony of Florence, 1459

Like Writings on an Almond are a grouping of allegorical and temporal works operating within the chasm of otherworldly phenomenon and the human experience. Harkening to the decorating fetish of early Sufi shrine architecture, illuminated manuscripts, and the Jingle truck, these works function as both shroud and portal, offering up protection and magic.